About Us

When speaking in therms of "we" and "us" I refer to myself. SoftBlox is a one-man company based i Närpiö, on the Finnish West Coast.

My vision is to create a simple framework for manufacturing execution aimed at small businesses. Traditional systems are large, rigid and expensive. Missing the mark on several levels, by not being agile enough demanding the factories to adjust their process to suit the system. ERP-systems traditionally lack these manufacturing modules completely, and stop at material flows with MRP och MRP II. MES-systems are mostly aimed at process-based industry, being mastodons connected to PLC and SCADA and back to ERP. They deal with recepies and mixing ratios in automated production. Tailoring such systems to fit small manufacturing units consisting of a few production cells and lots of manual procedures is not easy. There has to be a simpler solution.

Intriguing? Start by sending me a message. At this point I'm not prepared to take on international customers not situated in Finland but I might be convinced, you never know...